When limits ARE needed!

Happy Halloween, Zhu Zhu Peeps!

It is agreed that limits can be super-irritating when you have a lot of kids to buy for. But in some instances, I think many would agree that some sort of purchase policy would be a good thing! Here is a story that was shared on the GottaDeals forum thread last night by "Katie811" from Massachutes:

"I had to share this with you all.

I got to Target this morning at 7:50 (waiting for the doors to open) and 8am comes around and I walk toward target this guy starts walking past me (of course i'm not thinking he is after Zhu Zhu's) so he grabs his cart looks back at me and RUNS! I was like WTH!? So I turn the corner to the Zhu Zhu isle, and there he is! He pushed the cart right against the shelves and threw EVERY zhu zhu item INTO HIS CART! Even the pegs went flying! I was speechless!!

Now all my son is asking for - for christmas is the Zhu Zhu slide.

So I very nicely ask the guy "could I have one of those slides please, my son wants it for christmas" he responds with "WELL IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH YOU WILL BUY IT OFF EBAY FROM ME!!" with the BIGGEST smile.. i was so in shock!

so all my trips to Target and never finding anything is because he is there taking it all every morning! looks like my son will never get the slide and I am not paying off ebay !"

A story like that just leaves you speechless! I cannot imagine being in that situation. When someone purchases all available stock, everyday, then a REASONABLE limit per person policy should be instituted. What do you think?

Personally, I think the guy should have felt like such a jerk. If she got the courage up to plead for one slide, it wouldn't have hurt him to give one up. My curiosity got the best of me, so I did a little simple math after I read this story:

$25.00 (average slide price on eBay from 10-30)
- $16.05 (approx. Target retail with 7% sales tax)
- $ 2.55 (approx. eBay listing fee/comission)
- $ 1.17 (approx. PayPal fee on $30 (sale price plus $5 shipping)
profit: $5.23 per slide

Oh, and don't forget to deduct cost of shipping materials, and gas to/from Target and the post office. I just see very, very little profit in it at this point. Who wants to make people miserable and get paid pennies on the dollar to do so? Not me!

I hope everyone is having some luck at finding Zhu Zhu Pets™ items at retail prices!!


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