Newsflash: 8 NEW hamsters???!!!

Hello again!

As I mentioned earlier today, the sneaky Professor Zhuzeau left a coded message in a podcast yesterday on The Official Hamster Blog . My genius friend Jessica reversed the audio for me so you can hear the hidden message!

The question posed on the Official Blog was this: "Inspector ZhuZeau stopped by to let us know he's looking for a number of hamsters that are on the loose. Can you understand what he's saying?"

To us it sounds like- Rocky, Moon, Spotty, Tex, YoYo, Cappuccino, Jinx, and Peachy

Eeeek! With the other four newbies, that is a total of 12 more hamsters to track down!!

☺☺☺I'm up for the challenge... are you? ☺☺☺


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