Misc. Zhu Zhu Pets™ Musings

Good afternoon, hamster homies!

This week I am elbow-deep in pie crust and turkey brine, so you may notice I am {being forced to} taking a slight bit of a break from the blog. However, that doesn't mean I won't be around if something exciting takes place!

First of all, a HUGE congratulations goes out to Cepia LLC and CEO Russell Hornsby for winning the "Toy Inventor of the Year" award for the Zhu Zhu Pets™! What a great accomplishment, and I am just so proud for them. It is so exciting to see a small company succeed in such a big way. This is a holiday season I am sure they will never forget on so many levels!

It has come to my attention today that CVS pharmacies are getting in a special shipment of Zhu Zhu Pets™ and accessories! There are a lot of reports of people finding them for $10 each on shelves. Other stores have confirmed they are expected in during this next week. I have been told that this is a one-time shipment, just for the holidays. If anyone gets lucky at CVS, please post about it!

As far as Black Friday goes, the only place I have heard that is definitely supposed to have Zhu Zhu Pets™ is ToysRUs. The latest I heard is 100 pets/store, with half being released at midnight and the other half being released at 6 a.m. Your best bet is to contact your local store and ask what their plans are.

As for other stores having ZZP on Black Friday? I haven't heard a thing! They are not mentioned in any of the ads I have seen. I suppose it is possible that Walmart and other stores may have been hoarding stock (like they did for 11/8)... the shelves and the online retail stores have been empty for quite awhile! And as the weekend and Cyber Monday roll around, will ZZP merchandise start showing up online?? Keep your Zoolert open and find out!

(If anyone has plans to stand in line at TRU for Zhu Zhu Pets™ on Black Friday and can snap some photos of the line, display, etc., I would be happy to post them here on the blog!)


If I don't "see" you again before, I hope you all have a very happy, family+friend-filled Thanksgiving! Oh, and a safe and Zhu Zhu-filled Black Friday!

Retiring Zhu Zhu Pets™?

Hurray for Friday!

One thing that has been circulating in the Zhu Zhu Pets™ rumor-mill recently is "retirement"... will the original 4 (or 5, counting Patches) be retired from production once the newest ZZP hamsters and merchandise starts hitting the shelves?

Although the WHEN is being kept secret, I did receive confirmation from Cepia that "all ZZP characters will have a retirement at some point or another."

Don't panic just yet, though! I know many of us might be scared as a result of the Beanie Baby days. Occasionally a new character would be released, just to be retired by Ty within a few days. The eBayers had a fabulous time with that! But this is just my opinion: I do not think Cepia will retire products until there has been ample time for consumers to purchase what they want. Of course, we will just have to wait and see what the future holds!

There is some interesting information that was posted on the Yahoo Finance page today re: Zhu Zhu Pets™ and the supply of them at TRU:

"Zhu Zhu Pets ALERT! Toys"R"Us Stocks Stores for Black Friday

Determined to make one of the biggest shopping days of the year enjoyable for customers, Toys"R"Us has big plans for Black Friday shoppers seeking a Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster, one of the hottest toys of 2009. The first 100 customers in line at their local Toys"R"Us store on Black Friday will each be given a ticket for the opportunity to purchase a Zhu Zhu Pet (with a limit of one per household).* With thousands of additional Zhu Zhu Pets being made available in Toys"R"Us stores throughout the day on Friday, and thousands more of the highly coveted Zhu Zhu Pets arriving regularly throughout December, gift-givers will have the best chance of finding the precocious little hamsters at Toys"R"Us."

I know that Walmart has been super-dry in terms of ZZP stock lately. Sounds like your best bet is TRU, though you will have to collect them one at a time :P
Have a great weekend everyone!


Hurry! Vote Zhu Zhu Pets™ as the "Toy of the Year!"

Good morning, Zhu Zhu Hunters!

As posted on The Hamster Blog , Zhu Zhu Pets™ are up for the TOY OF THE YEAR award!! How awesome is that?? If all of you can take a moment to vote today, it would be much appreciated! Go to the Official Nomination Page and under "Toy of the Year Nominee", vote for Russell Hornsby !!!

This week a great article was written and posted on Bloomberg's website about Cepia and the Zhu Zhu Pets™. I highly recommend you read it! It is amazing what this small company, with only 16 US-based employees, has accomplished this year alone. And, in my personal opinion and experience, they have not let it go to their heads. Mr. Hornsby's daughters definitely have my dream-job!

Okay... don't wait another moment... go VOTE now!

Pictures of 2010 "Season 2" Zhu Zhu Pets™ Items!

Good Morning, Zhu Zhu peeps! We are halfway through another week again!

There is a ton of buzz about the sneak-peak of the upcoming Zhu Zhu Pets™ items for 2010. Parents are jokingly saying they wish they hadn't shown the video to their kids...they are already shouting for the new stuff!

My good friend FireMaiden was able to take some still-shots of the items in the video... visit her blog to see the photos! Take your time... they won't move ☺

I am so excited about what is going to be offered. Cepia is taking it to a whole new level! There are definitely parts that girls will like more (such as the beauty salon... or my favorite...the baby carriage! ). Other parts, like the airplane and cars, may appeal more to boys. *Sigh* We better start saving money for it now ☺


AMAZING!! Zhu Zhu Pets™ 2010 Line Sneak-Peak!!!

What an awesome evening, Zhu Zhu Fanatics!!

If you take a look on the Official Zhu Zhu Pets website homepage , you will see that they have given us a sneak peak of what is to come! BUT there is a catch. That sneaky Mr Squiggles played the video clip at lightening-fast speed! My genius web-guru sidekick was able to slow it down for us to enjoy...so... ENJOY!


*UPDATED* Hallmark Exclusive: Zhu Zhu Pets™ Easter Bunny!

*Update: Confirmation from Cepia LLC. : "Yes, Hallmark will sell Zhu Zhu Pets™ in 2010, with an Easter Special of ‘Fluffy’ the Bunny offered at Gold Crown stores"*

(This bunny isn't a Zhu Zhu Pet™, but isn't he cute?!)

Good Morning, Zhu Zhu Hunters!

I have jokingly said before that one good thing about the Spring 2010 Zhu Zhu Pets™ releases will be that we will have great Valentine's/Easter gifts! That sentiment was stepped up another notch with this rumor floating around: Hallmark Gold Crown stores are said to have an exclusive Zhu Zhu Pets™ Easter bunny to begin selling in March!

I saw a couple of different people on a message board say they were told this by their Hallmark store. I have been trying to validate this before I posted anything here. A regular of this site, Melissa from Florida, emailed me yesterday with another report. She states she actually saw a flier with a photo of the bunny on it... a white bunny with pink spots inside of its ears! Sounds adorable!

I hope I will have a photo to share with you all soon!

TRU holding stock for Black Friday?

Why are people nutso for Zhu Zhu pets? on Twitpic
(Empty hamster-shelves at TRU (photo property of @alotofnothing (Twitter))

I hope everyone is enjoying their "Zhu-nday" evening!

I hate to admit, when it comes to Toys R Us, I just feel out of the loop. Unfortunately, I do not even have a TRU within 100 miles of my home! Boo. Though the prices are slightly higher than Walmart/Target, it seems like they are more coordinated when they do get stock in. Since last Sunday, people just aren't reporting finding hamsters there at ALL. This has been a tough hunting week for brick-and-mortar stores!

Dionne just posted a helpful tidbit on my Facebook page, and I will repost the info here for all:

"TRU is going to release the hamsters only on Black Friday. They open at 12 midnight. I spoke to two different managers from different stores and I also saw for myself this morning that they have them in the Managers office. The managers told me they are not allowed to sell the hamsters until Black Friday ...or they get in trouble from corporate. They can only put out the accessories."

Very interesting! If they were opening at the average 5-6 a.m. mark, I think many people would be very torn: stand in line at TRU (possibly missing out on other store's Black Friday sales) or forget it. But the midnight thing makes it a whole other story!

My younger cousin is scheduled to work Black Friday at her TRU in Nebraska. I hope to get a full report of the chaos from her!!

TRU Zhu Zhu-Pile and a Giveaway!

Yeah! It's finally Friday!

It's been a busy day for me...DD5 is off from school, therefore I had to drag BOTH girls to the grocery store to take advantage of the "Friday the 13th" specials! Ugh. Now if they would take a NAP! I have a ton of groceries to put away now :P

FireMaiden sent me another photo from this past Sunday's "Zhu Zhu blitz" from her TRU. Even though she arrived 1 hour after the store opened, they still had 24 out of 50 hamsters, haphazardly piled on the floor next to Customer Service. She thinks this is probably a benefit of living in a more rural area... and I will have to agree!

Dont forget to stop by and register for Tinker Tell's Pixie Dust Express Pipsqueak Giveaway ! All you need to do is leave her a comment to get entered to win!
Have a happy, Zhu Zhu-filled weekend, everyone!

Zhu Zhu Pets™ app. for Facebook Geeks!

Happy Hump Day! Woot for Wednesday!

Jenna left me a terrific link on my Zhu Zhu Hunters Facebook page. There is now an application that allows you to send virtual Zhu Zhu Pets™ to your Facebook friends! It is really cute...the more you send that are accepted, it unlocks more stuff to send. So far I have unlocked all 5 hamsters and the funhouse☺
Access the Zhu Zhu Pets™ sending application at this link
Have fun!


It will go down in history as "Zhu Zhu Sunday"...

(Sent to me from @FireMaiden (Twitter), of the empty Zhu Zhu Pets™ pegs at her Walmart)

Hello, Zhu Zhu Pets™ Trackers!

Who all braved the crowds and went to claim a piece of the Zhu Zhu pie on Saturday night/Sunday morning? It sounds like many were able to get their hands on at least one hamster or accessory. Some went out of necessity...others for the thrill of the hunt!

From the hundreds of posts I have read, by and large it seemed like Walmart wasn't nearly as prepared as TRU. No two stores seemed to be on the same page. Limits ranged from 2/person to 1/household. Lines started anywhere from electronics, automotive, Customer Service, Site to Store, among a number of other spots.

Some Walmart stores had ZERO hamsters, others had up to 30 or 40 in stock. Some stores had massive lines waiting for several hours.... others had no one buying at all!

Over on the Gottadeal.com thread, Laura4444 kept us all informed in real-time. Being on the East Coast (Pennsylvania), they were the first to reach 12:01 a.m. Her husband stood in line at electronics, texting her photos of the crowd. It was a lot of fun to watch the first massive ZZP sale going down from the comfort of my home☺

Laura4444 came to the conclusion that the official outfit for the ZZP blitz seemed to be jeans and a gray sweatshirt! LOL Did they send out a memo??

(rjncmj's photo of the first Walmart (Washington state), where they plunked the box of hamsters down on the floor)

Of all the posts I have read about this blitz, rjncmj's really stuck out to me. I will repost what she had to say:

"I got to my Walmart around 9:30 and found someone in toys that had no idea what was going on. I told them I just needed to know where the line was going to be. She called a manager that said they had no clue where to start the line and the hamsters wouldn't be out till 12:01(duh, I already knew the time). So this very nice employee directed me to a bench in front of electronics and said I was now the line.

Right after that another customer showed up and he became second in line. He talked my ear off for over two hours about his ebay business and how much money he's making on Zhu Zhu's. In his defense he was a very nice man but it was upsetting to hear his stories of wiping out store supplies so he could resell them. He even told me of a friend of his that drove up and down through Oregon wiping out all the stores there and ended up with more than 400 hamsters. Then 5 minutes to midnight 3 ladies showed up and waited with us. Then an employee with a box came out from the back and plopped down the hamsters, about 20 of them. I picked out my two and left...."

(rjncmj's 2nd Walmart, where they were keeping them behind a register, next to bags of churro's! LOL)

"...I then decided to drive to another Walmart about 20 mins away and they still had some left. They were keeping about 20 of them behind a register and I was only the 3rd person to buy some. So I got two more. Then the ebay reseller shows up at the 2nd Walmart and told me he managed to get 9 from the previous store because he paid a couple people to buy some for him and then he went in a second time and bought 3 more. So much for limits. Oh and then his Oregon friend shows up with a couple women and they buy up 6 of the hamsters. This ebay guys tells me that he found like 16 starter sets at Shopko recently and bought them all. Like I said, he was nice but so self absorbed I don't think he even realizes how he and people like him impact families trying to buy toys for their kids. "

Unfortunately, I read more stories like this than I would like... resellers recruiting strangers to buy a limit for them. The stores attempt to impose limits to help spread the wealth, but shady people will always try to find a way around it.

Donna, from Maryland, and her best friend were the first two in line at her Walmart, 6:45a.m. They found the above sign posted on the door. The hamsters were held at Customer Service, approximately 30 of them. Later on in the day, she was able to pick up the last hamster at TRU! Lucky her ☺

CrazyMomAli made it a family event! With daughter's in their pj's, they went to Walmart at 9:30 and were the first in line at Site to Store. (If you look closely behind them, you can see a pile of Zhu Zhu Pets™ behind the counter!). It was limit 2 per person. She took this photo of her daughters with their aunt, holding their money up proudly!

Lori (aka friholic) was not able to get any hamsters at her Walmart. She went to her TRU and stood in line!

This is the ticket Lori was given at TRU. Though a couple dollars more expensive, it seems like TRU had a more cohesive gameplan than Walmart. At least Lori was able to score at TRU!

Another friend, GeorgiaPeach717, went to TRU, also. That is just the line inside...I'd imagine there were more people standing outside as well.

Look at her son, proudly holding their "ticket"! Putting all of the eBayers, scalpers, and hoarders aside, THIS photo right here sums up the entire event. It was for our KIDS! These are toys, to be played with and loved! And it just goes to show, we will stand in line for hours, exhausted and grumpy, to see that truly excited look in a kid's eyes when they received something that they REALLY wanted!

Congrats to everyone who was able to complete their shopping lists! And thanks to everyone who took the time to take and share their photos!!!

Zhu Zhu Pets™ Back Symbols: Big vs. Little

And as we await the Twitter party...
@FireMaiden sent me this photo on Twitter. She was able to score some hamsters during the crazy Walmart/TRU blitz on Sunday, and she noticed a difference between these two Mr. Squiggles. Look at the photo... see how the one on the right has a much smaller back "tattoo" than the one on the left?
I had heard about this a few weeks ago, but had yet to see a photo. Thanks, FireMaiden! Cepia said that the more recently-made hamsters have a smaller symbol so that kids can better find where the on/off button on the back is. Good idea!

Reminder: BIG Zhu Zhu Giveaway on Twitter Tonight!

Good Morning, sleepy ZZP-hunters!

I am working to sort through the photos and write a blog over the ZZP experieces of Sat/Sun. In the meantime, do not forget about the huge Twitter party tonight, sponsored by Cepia!

Never attended a Twitter event? Neither had I until Friday! LOL Resourceful Mommy (one of the hosts) has very simple directions at this link: Twitter Zhu Zhu Giveaway .
Hope to see everyone there! Please leave me a comment and let me know if you are lucky enough to win something!!!!!

This SUNDAY: Walmart and TRU

Good Morning, Zhu Zhu Chasers!

Wow, I am exhausted this morning. Yesterday was a busy (but fun) cyber-day! I attended the Time to Play webcast yesterday afternoon on MomTV.... then the #hottoys Twitter party hosted by Resourceful Mommy last night! I know at least 2 of my friends from Gottadeal.com won toys during those events. Hopefully we are all geared up for the HUGE #zhuzhupets Twitter party Monday night!!!

Many of us will be participating in a "mini-Black Friday" tonight/tomorrow morning. As announced on Cepia's Zhu Zhu Pets™ website, Walmart has been hoarding stock for the "official" release of the Toy Book on Sunday. It seems like distribution plans are varying quite a bit, store to store. I have heard some stores will be putting them out at 12:01 am... others at 8 am. Some stores it will be a "free for all", and others will have a limit of 1 or 2 at the Customer Service area. I even heard some stores may be passing out tickets.

Incidentally Walmart (and other retailers) are being swamped with telephone calls re: Zhu Zhu Pets™. Some customer service people are getting rude or just not giving out accurate &/or true information. At this point, I think your best bet is to go into Walmart and try to find someone who actually works in the toy dept. They will probably know more than anyone at customer service. Ask how much stock they have on hand, limits, and what time they will be putting them out.

I checked with my own Walmart toy person, and she says they have only received 20 hamsters in the last 4 weeks. Eight of them were accidentally put on the shelf, so as of 2 days ago, they were only going to have 12 hamsters to put out.

NOTE: There will be NO NEW RELEASE HAMSTERS sold. Several people have emailed Cepia about this, and their responses mesh with what Cepia has already told me in the past: new hamsters will not be shipping until closer to the beginning of December.

I don't know what kind of turnout my Walmart will have, considering we are a fairly small city. I haven't decided 100% yet if I am going to go document this event or sleep in! LOL If I thought there was a chance of new hamsters, I would be there in an instant.

In addition, Toys R Us is supposed to have a supply of hamsters first thing Sunday morning, supposedly to coincide with an ad or sale. Many people have said they are planning to camp at Walmart, then hit TRU when it opens!! I wish them all luck!!!

(If any of you are going to do the Walmart &/or TRU thing....and wouldn't mind snapping a few photos .... I would love to document this event here on the blog! Of course, I wouldn't expect it during a mad rush, but a few pics of the line, the display, customer service counter, parking lots, or whatever would be awesome! I think it would be neat to see how this plays out around the country☺ Email me: gumby8@hotmail.com )

*UPDATE* MomTV Zhu Zhu Giveaway: Tomorrow night!

***UPDATE: The Party starts at 1 pm EST!!***

Good Morning, Zhu Zhu-land!

Yesterday, if you noticed, I had a fantastic post from MomTV. Tomorrow night, they will be doing a Zhu Zhu Pets™ giveaway!!

"Just in: This Friday 11/6/2009 watch the live webcast with The Toy Guy and Time to Play's Jim Silver - toy industry experts chatting about the hot toys and doing a MomTV Giveaway http://www.blogger.com/www.momtv.com/TimeToPlay.html of a ZhuZhu Pet LIVE!"

Coincidentally, I just caught the tail-end of a MomTV webcast a few nights ago. You watch the webcast and chat amongst yourselves/ask questions in a connected chatroom. And of course, you can win prizes!

I would recommend everyone go and get signed up with a MomTV user name immediately. There is a verification email and a bit of setup to do to complete the process.

Hopefully many of you will be able to cut down your Christmas lists, with this and the upcoming Twitter giveaway, as well as the big Walmart blitz on Sunday!!


Official Zhu Zhu Pets™ Giveaway on Twitter

Good Morning-ish!

Yesterday was a VERY busy day in Zhu Zhu world, with the statement made by Cepia and the release of Walmart's Toy Book. Definitely a lot of buzz on the boards! People are frantically calling their Walmarts, trying to get the local scoop on this Sunday's event. I will post some of the responses as they come in ☺

Did anyone notice the new tracker on the Official Zhu Zhu Pets™ page? On this coming Monday, 11/9 at 7 pm EST, there will be a giveaway on renowned mom-blogger, Maria Bailey's, Twitter page! You can attend by following @momtalkradio on Twitter and joining in the convo! I have been told there will be (at least) 25 hamsters given away, as well as some funhouses! Sounds like a lot of fun☺


Update: Front Cover of Walmart Toy Guide 11/8

Thanks goes to Brad at GottaDeal.com for this image. I flipped through the pdf file several times, bummed that I couldn't find Zhu Zhu Pets™... but there they are (or at least, Mr Squiggles), right on the front cover! Don't miss the fine print ☺

Official Alert from Cepia! Walmart saving stock for 11/8 sale!!


Check out this update from the Official Zhu Zhu Pets Website !!!!!

"We have received quite a few emails and phone calls regarding a situation occurring at many Wal Mart stores.
Many of you are letting us know that Wal Mart is refusing to sell Zhu Zhu Pets™ due to a "product recall". This is not true, the product has not been recalled.

Wal Mart has labeled their goods as "protected". This is so they can have an entire week to "build up stock" for an upcoming sale. We apologize for this inconvenience.

We understand your concern. There is no recall for Zhu Zhu Pets™. Product will again be for sale at Wal Mart on 11/8/2009. Zhu Zhu Pets™ meets and exceeds all ASTM safety standards.

Where will you be Sunday morning???

(If anyone can take photos of any crowds, the displays, etc. I would love to post them right here!)

TRU Faux Pas...and In Stock at Amazon!

Good evening, Zhu Zhu fiends!

Did anyone notice anything odd on TRU.com over the weekend? On Saturday morning, a TRU search on "zhu zhu" yielded zero results! We were wondering if maybe they were doing some site revamping, in preparation for the "Big Book" sale prices that were slated to start on Sunday. Well, when Sunday rolled around, the Zhu Zhu Pets stuff was back. AND, to boot, it said underneath the price, in pink letters, "ONLY $4.99 with any $50 Toysrus purchase!". My friend Lori saved a couple of screen-shots for proof:

Though, it was a short-lived promotion. Probably an error, I am supposing, because the wording has been replaced with "Exclusive Animal Alley [plush toy] ONLY $4.99 with purchase!" None of the Zhu Zhu items were in stock at the time anyway, so it didn't end up mattering. LOL


Today, Amazon had Zhu Zhu items in stock... at RETAIL... for the first time that I have ever seen! NO TAX, FREE SHIPPING!! According to a Zoolert administrator, this is what/when items were listed on Amazon today, and how long they lasted:

Amazon Zhu Zhu Pets - Three Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters -- $31.99 11-02-09 16:01 instock and last for 1 minute
Amazon Zhu Zhu Pets - Three Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters -- $31.99 11-02-09 15:39 instock and last for 19 minutes
Amazon Zhu Zhu Pets - Three Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters -- $31.99 11-02-09 15:34 instock and last for 1 minute

Amazon Zhu Zhu Pets - Funhouse Set with [Patches] Hamster -- $34.99 11-02-09 15:43 instock and last for 1 hour 29 minutes

Someone on the Zoolert forum confirmed that when they first noticed the funhouse/Patches set in stock, it said there were 900 available!! With a strict limit of 2, hopefully the wealth was spread out a little.

Please note: This was the more recently released Funhouse set with Patches, as opposed to the Patches starter set.


Who's got Nugget?

Hello, Zhu Zhu Friends!
There is definitely some weird stuff going on out there in cyber-Zhu Zhu-land! Individuals are posting false reports of finding the 4 new hamsters....some going so far as to front as Cepia employees. So bizarre. I don't understand the satisfaction someone would get by doing this. Just don't believe everything you read!

I have been keeping tabs on the online auctions, just in case any newbie would happen slip into the system soon. There was a 1-day listing for Nugget on eBay, in hand. The photo looks like Pip Squeak, don't you think?

I sent the seller a question, asking what the back "tattoo" was. She assured me that it was not the shooting star of Pip Squeak, and though she did not have immediate access to the hamster (?), she thought it was a half-moon shaped "tattoo". (Which, by the way, is NOT Nugget's tattoo shape). It sold for $15.50, and I will be curious to see if the buyer leaves favorable feedback.

This photo of Nugget that was posted on TRU.com a while back makes him look more of an orangeish-yellow color. The bad thing is, of the 4 new hamsters that will be released soon, Nugget will be the hardest to verify. Different camera, lighting, etc. will affect the way the color shows up, obviously. Credible evidence, in my opinion, will be a back shot of the "tattoo"...and it better be something other than a shooting-star!

Here is some interesting info from a poster on the Gottadeal.com forum. I hope she is able to find one of these again, but it is fun to speculate in the meantime!

"I was at TRUS yesterday in Newington CT...They had several hamsters there...they DID have a yellow one...it definitely wasn't the butter yellow one (that's what I'd call Pipsqueak) I had bought several weeks ago...this one was definitely more yellow...brighter. I did look for the name on the box and it didn't have one, as I thought it was a strange color. I didn't think to check on its back, however to see what the tattoo was...maybe it WAS Nugget...I chose not to buy it...thought DH would call me crazy as I already have the 4 original colors... "

And her response to my photo of the alleged Nugget eBay auction:

"LuvMaerz...that picture that you just put in your previous post doesn't look like the one I saw...that looks more like Pipsqueak...But like you said, it could be the angle of the photo. I could just kick myself for not getting it yesterday...the yellow of the one I saw was definitely a BRIGHT yellow, with an orangish undertone..not a flourescent yellow, like a highlighter, but YELLOW. I told my husband about it tonight and he said to go tomorrow to get it...what he fails to understand is that it WON'T be there tomorrow!!! Anyway, sorry I couldn't be of more help but maybe I will shoot up there in the HOPES they will have it. The kicker was that it was about 11:30 am and the shelves were full of about 8 whites and 15 of these yellow ones...and about 5 funhouses...now if I could only find the SLIDE I'd be all set... "

I hope she is able to get back and find one, just to satisfy the curiosity of many of us on that board, if nothing else! The thrill of the chase is most of the fun, isn't it? ☺