Happy Friday, everyone!

It seems that the main talk on the message boards is the limits that stores like Toys R Us and Walmart are imposing on Zhu Zhu Pets™ purchasers. I mean, I understand that the retailers have a point: spread as much love to as many people possible. However, parents (etc.) who have multiple children to purchase for are in a bit of a predicament when they are limited to 1 hamster OR accessory. Unfortunately, this is due to people hoarding them for the secondary market... and likewise, I have seen many people who are starting to think that eBay's prices don't look too bad right now, considering their frustration. And so the cycle continues...

I have been lucky because I have been able to track down everything in a decent amount of time. EXCEPT for that elusive slide! I will keep looking because I am sure it will turn up eventually (even if it is after Christmas). I will not pay $30 + s/h on eBay for a $15 item.

I hope everyone out there has a great and Zhu Zhu-filled weekend!


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