Hey, Zhu Zhu Pets™ aficionados!

I have been stalking Walmart the last two mornings, as I was told that there would be accessories coming in soon. Well, there was merchandise this morning: 12 hamsters, 1 car, 2 wheels, and 1 sleepdome. No slide :o( I have a cousin that works at TRU in NE, so I have asked her to keep her eyes open for the slide. Fingers crossed!

I was letting my 3 year old look at one of the hamsters today while we were at Walmart ("We will have to ask Santa to bring them to our house!"). I can understand why the batteries go dead before people get them home! Even after I put it back, it kept vibrating and talking for quite awhile! Note to self: have plenty of AAA batteries on hand for Christmas... ☺

I notice that TRU.com has removed the pictures/listings for the unreleased, four new hamsters. I am getting the impression that these may not be available before the end of the year... but we can still hope! If you happen to see Zhu Zhu Pets™ hamsters on the shelf, make sure to scan through for potential newbies. From what I was told by a Walmart toy dept employee, they order them in an "assortment", so when newbies start showing up, they will be mixed in with the original ones. Never hurts to look! Although I do not encourage anyone to pay the crazy prices, eBay listings are a good way to see what kind of quantity is out there. Plus, you know the SECOND that any of the newbies are found, they will be on eBay.

I found an interesting article last night about Cepia and the Zhu Zhu Pets™ craze. You can read this article here. I was pleasantly surprised that the people behind Cepia, LLC. were also behind the Trendmasters toy company of the late 90's. Trendmasters made a line of awesome Gumby toys/merchandise, which I collected and still have!

One last thing... hop over to the Zhu Zhu Pets™ Hamster Blog and listen to the podcast with "Inspector Zhuzeau". Can ANYONE get the secret message??? My entire iTunes library crashed on me last night when I was attempting to listen to it backwards!


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