New & Improved Zhu Zhu Babies??!! (Video Review)

Good Evening, Zhu Zhu Lovers!

A couple of nights ago, I noticed a peculiar new peg in the toy dept at our Walmart.  It was empty at the time, but when I grabbed my groceries yesterday I found what I had been searching for... the elusive new Zhu Zhu Babies! 

Though there has been some speculation that these little Babies might be kittens, following the trend of the just-released Zhu Zhu Puppies, these are definitely baby hamsters.  They are referred to as "hamster tots" on the packaging.  It appears that this line is a new generation, replacing the baby hamsters of last year. 

There were two different sets available.  This basic set includes 1 baby hamster, swaddling blanket, plastic bottle and 2 plastic toys.  These were only $3.88 each!  There are several colors, and some are standing while others are on all fours as though crawling.

This was tagged the "deluxe set" and cost $8 each.  It includes a baby, a hat, sleeping bag, baby carriage, and bottle/2 toys.

Above is a video review I did of these cuties!

Here is a scan of the back of the packaging... I know it is small but you get the idea :-)  These new Babies are definitely going to be a hand-full!