Who's got Nugget?

Hello, Zhu Zhu Friends!
There is definitely some weird stuff going on out there in cyber-Zhu Zhu-land! Individuals are posting false reports of finding the 4 new hamsters....some going so far as to front as Cepia employees. So bizarre. I don't understand the satisfaction someone would get by doing this. Just don't believe everything you read!

I have been keeping tabs on the online auctions, just in case any newbie would happen slip into the system soon. There was a 1-day listing for Nugget on eBay, in hand. The photo looks like Pip Squeak, don't you think?

I sent the seller a question, asking what the back "tattoo" was. She assured me that it was not the shooting star of Pip Squeak, and though she did not have immediate access to the hamster (?), she thought it was a half-moon shaped "tattoo". (Which, by the way, is NOT Nugget's tattoo shape). It sold for $15.50, and I will be curious to see if the buyer leaves favorable feedback.

This photo of Nugget that was posted on TRU.com a while back makes him look more of an orangeish-yellow color. The bad thing is, of the 4 new hamsters that will be released soon, Nugget will be the hardest to verify. Different camera, lighting, etc. will affect the way the color shows up, obviously. Credible evidence, in my opinion, will be a back shot of the "tattoo"...and it better be something other than a shooting-star!

Here is some interesting info from a poster on the Gottadeal.com forum. I hope she is able to find one of these again, but it is fun to speculate in the meantime!

"I was at TRUS yesterday in Newington CT...They had several hamsters there...they DID have a yellow one...it definitely wasn't the butter yellow one (that's what I'd call Pipsqueak) I had bought several weeks ago...this one was definitely more yellow...brighter. I did look for the name on the box and it didn't have one, as I thought it was a strange color. I didn't think to check on its back, however to see what the tattoo was...maybe it WAS Nugget...I chose not to buy it...thought DH would call me crazy as I already have the 4 original colors... "

And her response to my photo of the alleged Nugget eBay auction:

"LuvMaerz...that picture that you just put in your previous post doesn't look like the one I saw...that looks more like Pipsqueak...But like you said, it could be the angle of the photo. I could just kick myself for not getting it yesterday...the yellow of the one I saw was definitely a BRIGHT yellow, with an orangish undertone..not a flourescent yellow, like a highlighter, but YELLOW. I told my husband about it tonight and he said to go tomorrow to get it...what he fails to understand is that it WON'T be there tomorrow!!! Anyway, sorry I couldn't be of more help but maybe I will shoot up there in the HOPES they will have it. The kicker was that it was about 11:30 am and the shelves were full of about 8 whites and 15 of these yellow ones...and about 5 funhouses...now if I could only find the SLIDE I'd be all set... "

I hope she is able to get back and find one, just to satisfy the curiosity of many of us on that board, if nothing else! The thrill of the chase is most of the fun, isn't it? ☺


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