Hamster babies, Clothing, and New Accessories

Hello again, Zhu Zhu Hunters!

In my area, this week is showing a definite increase of the individual hamsters available in stores. In one day, I went to 2 Walmarts and 2 Shopkos, and there were anywhere from 1 to 20 hamsters on the shelves. HOWEVER... I did not find even one accessory kit! I am wondering if Cepia has stepped up hamster-shipping due to the demand, and accessories have temporarily taken a back seat while that gets caught up. Very interesting to think about!

Here is last question I asked the friendly people of Cepia, LLC.:

Q: Will the hamster outfits, boat/sports car/van, and additional hamsters and baby hamsters be available to the public before Christmas?

A: The hamster outfits, babies, and new vehicles will be released for Spring 2010... sorry I cannot provide an exact date
(Note: As previously posted, I was told that the four new hamsters (Jilly, Scoodles, Nugget, and Winkie) would be available in December. It is speculated that they may become available sooner, considering they are now pictured on Toysrus.com)

You may have seen these pictures on the back of the Zhu Zhu Pets™ packages. What a teaser! Aren't these outfits adorable?? I had hoped these would be available for stocking-stuffers....and who knows? Shipment plans could change. But if all else fails, there are Easter baskets to plan for ☺

If you go to the official blog that the Zhu Zhu Pets™ hamsters "write" (http://www.zhuzhupetshamsterblog.com/), you will see all sorts of cute little recordings, photos, videos, etc. In the post titled "Interview with Patches", Patches talks about driving around in her new red coupe. In the above picture, notice that there looks to be a boat-dock behind the boat, probably an attachment to the Hamster City!

Also on the blog, there is a little skit/video entitled "Sunday Drive". You MUST watch this one. You will see the new boat, car, and station wagon in action! In this photo, it appears that the surfboard will actually attach to the roof. Plus, in the video it shows that TWO hamsters will be able to ride in this vehicle. COOL!
Although I am not holding my breath, there is always the potential that these accessories could be released sooner, to take advantage of the holiday craze. But if not, just relax and wait to see what Spring 2010 has in store for us!


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