Zhu Zhu Pets™ Boat and Dock Make Unexpected Early Appearance!!!

Happy Monday, Zhu Zhu Hunters!

Yesterday, my friend Robin really lucked out. She went into a Toys R Us store in Winchester, VA and found a single Zhu Zhu Pets™ boat/dock set! Here is what she told me:

"I walked in the front door, at lunchtime no less, and there was a table up towards customer service. This was the only item sitting on the table when I got there. I have no idea how many they had, or how I managed to luck out that late in the day."

Robin says that TRU's retail price is $17.99 for this set, which will translate to about $14.99 in the lower-end retail stores.

Currently there are 92 auctions on eBay for the boat/dock set, with 64 completed auctions already. It seems the average ending price is around the $20-30 range. This close to Christmas, even Priority mail is taking longer to reach its destination. I found this out last week with some packages I sent out. eBay prices are starting to decline, and my guess is that people are less likely to shell out the big $$$ for something that may not even arrive in time.

If you have a chance to swing by a Toys R Us, you may also be pleasantly surprised like Robin was!


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