Fuzzy Little Zhu Zhu Pets Babies™!

Happy New Year's Eve, Zhu Zhu Fans!!
Within the last couple of weeks, many lucky Zhu Zhu Hunters have found the baby ZZPs at CVS stores... some in time for Christmas! Since I first saw the photo on the back of the packages, I have been anticipating the arrival of these cuties.
Mom23 on Zoolert was able to track some down at her local CVS and was nice enough to share some photos with me.

Rather than the brightly-colored "prototype" babies pictured on the Zhu Zhu Pets™ packaging, the released babies are much more muted in color. Personally, I rather like the more natural yellows, grays, whites, and oranges over the bright blues/pinks/purples.

Also notice that instead of being shiny hard plastic, the babies are flocked for a slightly fuzzy look and feel! I really love that, and it makes them fit in better with the adult hamsters. The storyline is that the 6 baby hamsters are the offspring of Mr. Squiggles/Num Nums and Chunk/Pip Squeak. They are not battery-powered... instead they have a metal roller-ball on the bottom. The adult hamsters can push them around inside the hamster habitat, or you can put them in the stroller and let the parents push them around that way!

Each baby retails for $6.99 at CVS. It can be assumed that low-retail at Walmart/Target will be around the $5 mark. I cannot WAIT to find these little squirts ☺


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