Funhouse Add-On Disco, Pool, and TV Rooms Arrive!

(Photo property of eBay seller mkingdog)

Good Morning, Zhu Zhu Hunters!

For a couple of months now, photos of soon-to-come Zhu Zhu Pets accessories have been on several of the 3rd party toy websites for presale. (Where they get these photos so far in advance, I would love to know!). Some of these were of the new funhouse add-on rooms... and within the last day or so they have started showing up on eBay and Amazon!!!

The box appears to have a check by which room it contains. There is the Disco room with pink top...

The Swimming Pool room with blue top...

...and the Movie Room with green top. Each set comes with the room, tunnel, 2 door caps and 2 U-connectors. I will assume the retail price will be $10-15 per set.

Hopefully the other new accessories and hamsters/animals will also begin to make appearances soon! Keep your eyes on the toy department!!


Speaking of the funhouse... has anyone had the problem of the hamsters making kitchen noises in the bedroom and vice versa? I did as I was putting it together on Christmas eve, and I was utterly confused!

The "bump code" in the tunnel leading to the room is what triggers the hamster to make specific noises, not the room itself. The tunnels will say which direction to attach it so that the hamsters make the appropriate noises.

Well, sometimes the bedroom/kitchen stickers in the funhouse must be put in the wrong room...therefore, when you attach the tunnel correctly the wrong noises will be heard. According to the troubleshooting guide on ZhuZhuPets.com, simply reverse the direction of the tunnel and the problem will be fixed ☺


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