*UPDATED* New Accessories and Clothing Show Up!

Hello, Zhu Zhu Fanatics!

After a Christmas Day filled with Zhu Zhu Pets™ and all of the playing and assembling of "Hamster City" pieces, I hope you all are finally having a relaxing evening. As many of you know, a lot of the 2010-release accessories, like the red coupe, made an early appearance at CVS pharmacies all over the place. I am finally getting the chance to post the photos that Yesenia sent me several days ago... better late than never!

The stroller and babies (which I will have more posted about later) have been some of the most anticipated of the new accessories. The whole concept is just too cute, and little girls are going to flip for them. Adorable!

The woody wagon with surfboard is another really neat car. After playing with the set yesterday for the first time, in my opinion, the car/garage is the coolest accessory and seems to work most consistently with the hamsters. I believe that the new wagon and red coupe are made to also fit into the garage.

Along with the stroller and woody wagon, Yesenia also found the boat/dock set at CVS. This is one new accessory I was able to get my hands on before Christmas, as TRU.com had it and the single new hamsters in stock last Sunday. It is a hoot! I find it funny when the hamsters hop in the automobiles and drive off on their own.


It came to my attention today that some of the new release Zhu Zhu Pets™ outfits have made their way into the market! The following photos were taken from eBay (seller jillewright).

Scuba outfit with mask

Hula skirt with flower headband

Sailor outfit with hat

Flower shirt, hat, and sunglasses
There is an auction by another seller for the basketball jersey with orange ball, as well. I am hoping to find out what store these have shown up in to share with you all!
*UPDATE* The seller was nice enough to share that she found these outfits at HALLMARK!!


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