Patches... where ARE you??

Hello, Zhu Zhu Lovers!
So... have you been able to track down Patches the hamsters?

Patches certainly is the sneakiest of the bunch! Here is another question that the fine people at Cepia, LLC. answered for us inquisitive Zhu Zhu Pets™ fans!

Q: Is the starter set (that includes Patches the hamster) exclusive to Toys R Us? Will it be available for sale in other stores, as well?

A: The Giant Hamster City Playset is exclusive to Toys R Us... Patches is included in this set as well as the starter set.... This hamster is ONLY available in the sets and not sold separately. The Starter Set with Patches will be available at "select" Hallmark stores, Shopko, Duckwall, and Meijer.

The Giant Hamster City playset is currently on Toysrus.com with a list price of $84.99. It is still notated with the "NEW" icon, and I personally have not seen it in stock yet. This set includes the funhouse, wheel, sleep dome, adventure ball, and Patches and Mr. Squiggles hamsters. (It is unclear whether it also comes with the surfboard or the tiny play ball that go along with the sleep dome and adventure ball when purchased seperately). You won't save too much money buying this set rather than the individual pieces, but it might just be worth it to grab multiple pieces in one set!!

The Hamster House Starter Set retails for around $19.99. In addition to the stores listed above, I was told by a fellow webber that they were able to preorder this set from Target. Although I personally did not see it on Target's website, I do believe them. It is possible that Cepia is making changes to their distribution plans and unleashing of new products because of the intense interest in this line of toys!

Happy Hunting! And keep those Zoolert pages on your screens... my rooster was crowing all day yesterday, as TRU.com seemed to be haphazardly adding hamsters and accessories thoughtout the day.


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