Rocky and Friends to Appear Soon?

Hey Zhu Zhu Peeps!

Back in mid-October, a cryptic message was posted on the Zhu Zhu Pets™ official blog.  My favorite tech-savvy friend reversed the track so we could hear the message (you can see/hear the original post here).  Eight new hamsters were hinted at, even before Jilly and friends hit the market!

In the CNN interview from my last posting, it was said that new characters would be released every 6 weeks.  I think that time must be drawing near!  The names in that cryptic recording appeared to be Rocky, Moon, Spotty, Tex, YoYo, Cappuccino, Jinx, and Peachy.  Yesterday, a cartoon picture of a "new friend" Rocky was posted on the official blog.

That super-fast sneak peek video that Cepia posted on their website shortly before Christmas also had a TON of new accessories and hamsters/friends shown.  This particular hamster popped out at me at the time:

With the color and the shape of the "birthmark" on its back, I think there is a good chance that this hamster is Peachy.  Hopefully with Rocky mentioned on the ZZP blog, that is the cue that these newbies will start showing up in time for Easter baskets!


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