Zhu Zhu Pet Surgery

Hey, Zhu Zhu Peeps!

After reading the directions on some message boards, I decided to attempt a little "surgery" on some sluggish hamsters.  Since I am a very visual-type learner,  I thought some of you might be interested in seeing how to take the hamster apart.  This is very helpful in getting a lot of wound-up hair/string/fuzz off of the wheel axel, or cleaning off some of the extra lubricant "goop" that sometimes builds up in the gearbox.  These can both cause the hamster to slow or stop.

PLEASE NOTE: Taking the gearbox of the hamster apart is not sanctioned by Cepia, LLC. and may void the warranty for your hamster.  This video was made as an educational source for those who have read the instructions on various websites and would like to see how it is done.  Vigorous cleaning inside of the gearbox (as I found out on the next hamster I did) can misaligned the gear wheels inside, which will require a lot of patience (and the help of a needle or toothpick) to return to the proper places.  Basically, be warned that if you decide to take apart your hamster, you could potentially break it.  If you don't want to assume this risk, call Cepia's customer service (800.225.9319) regarding any issues you may have with your hamsters.


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