Planning your Zhu Zhu Pets™ Party!!

Good Monday Morning, Zhu Zhu Fanatics!

Did you all attend the Twitter party for Mr. Squiggles last night??  My daughter and I did!  And beyond belief, this usually not-so-lucky momma actually WON a prize!!  I will be sure to share with you when I get it and see what it is ☺  The host, Maria  Bailey of MomTv, said there will be more ZZP Twitter parties throughout the year, so I highly encourage you to attend in the future.

Nicole of The Party Animal Blog tweeted me during the party to let me know she added some stuff to her Zhu Zhu Pets™ Party theme!.  A little while back, I shared the link with you to her AMAZING ZZP cupcake tutorial:

I would say, if you are planning a Zhu Zhu Party, her site is an invaluable resource.  She has links to Etsy sellers who can help you with items like invitations, as well as tips for making your own.  She also has a lot of ideas for party games using your Zhu Zhu Pets™, as well as links to free printable games like Hamster Bingo.  My absolute favorite is the adorable pom-pom "Hamster in a Ball" craft:

I have added a link in the sidebar that will take you directly to Nicole's Zhu Zhu Party Page.  I will be sure to cue you to any updates when she adds them!

The great thing about Zhu Zhu Pets™ is that they are really reasonably priced.  Right now, you can get hamsters at Walmart for 7.44... or Babies & outfits for $5... and they make great party favors to get all of the kids in on the fun!


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