Zhu Zhu Pets™ Video Game Available for Preorder!

Good evening, Zhu Zhu Fans!

Thanks to RJN for giving me the heads-up that the new Zhu Zhu Pets™ game for Nintendo DS is listed and available for preorder through Amazon!  The release date is scheduled for March 23, 2010.

"Zhu Zhu Pets DS will capture the hearts of pre-existing Zhu Zhu fans and those new to the franchise through its addicting and enjoyable balance between care-taking and adventure! Half virtual pet simulation, and half high-speed action-adventure game, Zhu Zhu Pets DS will charm children everywhere with its engaging gameplay! "

What a great gift this will be, just in time to be delivered by the Zhu Zhu Easter bunny!  I imagine this may be a very difficult game to get a hold of once it is released! 


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