Zhu Zhu Pets™ in Spain!

Hello, Zhu Zhu Hunters!!

I apologize for the lack of posting lately... unfortunately some computer issues have caused me some problems.  Yesterday I saw something new posted on an eBay auction.  This "Grand Adventure" set includes Patches, the funhouse, slide, wheel, and a carrier.  The seller states it was purchased at a Toys R Us in Spain!  This must be Spain's equivalent to the "Giant Hamster City".

For those of you who have put the city together (over and over again),take look at the photo closely.  Look how they have it put together!  The slide ramp is connected to the wheel, and the wheel's tunnel is connected to nothing!  LOL   You all know it wouldn't work that way at all ☺


Last Friday morning while I was at Walmart, the Zhu Zhu Pets™ area had been totally expanded!  It was empty except for a few 1st gen. hamsters, but there was a lot of space for new accessories...AND pegs for clothing and babies!!  I went back Friday evening, and sure enough there were 6 baby hamsters on the pegs, one of each style.  At $5 each, I purchased them for my daughters for Valentines/Easter gifts.  I went back Saturday morning, and the outfits were on the shelf then!  There were also 6, one of each style.  I purchased 4 of them, leaving basketball and sailor for another time.  They were also $5 each.  (I had hoped to post some photos, and I will once I get some of the computer issues worked out :P )

I have talked to several people who have gotten lucky with outfits/babies at Walmart in the last week.  It sounds as though they are only getting a case of each to start with.... and each case consists of 1 piece of each style of baby/outfit.  If the pegs are up at your Walmart, it is beneficial to find an employee with a scanner-gun and have them scan the tag on the peg.  Then they can tell you when they will be in.  I had them scan the tag for me last Friday morning, and was told there were 6 in stock waiting to be put on the shelf.  That cued me to check back later that night.

Good luck in your huntings!


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