Zhu Zhu Pets™ Hamster Price-DROP at Walmart!!!

Good afternoon, Zhu Zhu Fans!

I just returned from a shopping trip at my local Walmart... what a surprise!  As usual, I had to check the toy dept. for any signs of new ZZP accessories/babies.  I was a bit startled to see 18 of the original 4 hamsters, as well a a bunch of beds/carriers, on the shelf!  I walked to a different part of the toy dept and found another 31 original hamsters sitting near the Furreal Friends area... a total of 49 hamsters on the shelf!  This is the first time I have seen ZZP hamsters at retail since early October.

The biggest shock was that the price has been reduced from $8 to $7.44 for each hamster!  My Walmart is here in Southeast Iowa, but it seems that many/most stores generally follow suit.  Can our wallets give a tiny sigh of relief for future purchases now?  ☺


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