TRU holding stock for Black Friday?

Why are people nutso for Zhu Zhu pets? on Twitpic
(Empty hamster-shelves at TRU (photo property of @alotofnothing (Twitter))

I hope everyone is enjoying their "Zhu-nday" evening!

I hate to admit, when it comes to Toys R Us, I just feel out of the loop. Unfortunately, I do not even have a TRU within 100 miles of my home! Boo. Though the prices are slightly higher than Walmart/Target, it seems like they are more coordinated when they do get stock in. Since last Sunday, people just aren't reporting finding hamsters there at ALL. This has been a tough hunting week for brick-and-mortar stores!

Dionne just posted a helpful tidbit on my Facebook page, and I will repost the info here for all:

"TRU is going to release the hamsters only on Black Friday. They open at 12 midnight. I spoke to two different managers from different stores and I also saw for myself this morning that they have them in the Managers office. The managers told me they are not allowed to sell the hamsters until Black Friday ...or they get in trouble from corporate. They can only put out the accessories."

Very interesting! If they were opening at the average 5-6 a.m. mark, I think many people would be very torn: stand in line at TRU (possibly missing out on other store's Black Friday sales) or forget it. But the midnight thing makes it a whole other story!

My younger cousin is scheduled to work Black Friday at her TRU in Nebraska. I hope to get a full report of the chaos from her!!


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