This SUNDAY: Walmart and TRU

Good Morning, Zhu Zhu Chasers!

Wow, I am exhausted this morning. Yesterday was a busy (but fun) cyber-day! I attended the Time to Play webcast yesterday afternoon on MomTV.... then the #hottoys Twitter party hosted by Resourceful Mommy last night! I know at least 2 of my friends from Gottadeal.com won toys during those events. Hopefully we are all geared up for the HUGE #zhuzhupets Twitter party Monday night!!!

Many of us will be participating in a "mini-Black Friday" tonight/tomorrow morning. As announced on Cepia's Zhu Zhu Pets™ website, Walmart has been hoarding stock for the "official" release of the Toy Book on Sunday. It seems like distribution plans are varying quite a bit, store to store. I have heard some stores will be putting them out at 12:01 am... others at 8 am. Some stores it will be a "free for all", and others will have a limit of 1 or 2 at the Customer Service area. I even heard some stores may be passing out tickets.

Incidentally Walmart (and other retailers) are being swamped with telephone calls re: Zhu Zhu Pets™. Some customer service people are getting rude or just not giving out accurate &/or true information. At this point, I think your best bet is to go into Walmart and try to find someone who actually works in the toy dept. They will probably know more than anyone at customer service. Ask how much stock they have on hand, limits, and what time they will be putting them out.

I checked with my own Walmart toy person, and she says they have only received 20 hamsters in the last 4 weeks. Eight of them were accidentally put on the shelf, so as of 2 days ago, they were only going to have 12 hamsters to put out.

NOTE: There will be NO NEW RELEASE HAMSTERS sold. Several people have emailed Cepia about this, and their responses mesh with what Cepia has already told me in the past: new hamsters will not be shipping until closer to the beginning of December.

I don't know what kind of turnout my Walmart will have, considering we are a fairly small city. I haven't decided 100% yet if I am going to go document this event or sleep in! LOL If I thought there was a chance of new hamsters, I would be there in an instant.

In addition, Toys R Us is supposed to have a supply of hamsters first thing Sunday morning, supposedly to coincide with an ad or sale. Many people have said they are planning to camp at Walmart, then hit TRU when it opens!! I wish them all luck!!!

(If any of you are going to do the Walmart &/or TRU thing....and wouldn't mind snapping a few photos .... I would love to document this event here on the blog! Of course, I wouldn't expect it during a mad rush, but a few pics of the line, the display, customer service counter, parking lots, or whatever would be awesome! I think it would be neat to see how this plays out around the country☺ Email me: gumby8@hotmail.com )


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